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In this post we'll uncover (7) reasons why buying and building your own home on your own domain is a very good idea. Plus, I also reveal a powerful traffic attraction strategy that anyone can apply to get tonnes of highly qualified web traffic - even if you have very strong competition.

Let's go...

1. Your domain is your own piece of digital real estate...

Yes, it's your own piece of digital real estate. It's something you can do whatever you want with. Whatever you can imagine - it's yours to do. And if you do it well, your piece of digital real estate can really pay off in terms of overall business growth and sales.

And the only thing that can stop it from being yours is... you not registering it first. Or registering it, then neglecting your domain registration renewal.

What about "our" social media pages?

Let's face it. "Our" social media pages, groups and accounts are not really ours, are they? They're ours to use subject huge reams of ever-changing terms and conditions of use.

Granted, social media can be an enormous help in business and marketing. But not building and injecting serious energy into your own home on the web won't wear well in the future in terms of your business's authority and competitiveness.

Having your own domain is all about building something of your own on solid foundations that can pay you dividends in the future.

Building your brand without distractions

Your domain is 'your place' - your own unique address where you get to create your own unique online presence. In doing that, you're going to establish your individual brand and messaging, and publish your content in your way, without your visitors being distracted by ads, or anything else.

Your traffic, leads and sale insurance policy

With your content well established on your domain, if things did change suddenly on a social platform, or an ad campaign stops producing - you won't have a traffic, leads, or sales problem. Because you'll have already been gradually building out your own thick traffic pipeline into your business.

Your own established domain is like having a traffic, leads and sales insurance policy!

2. Buying a domain is an investment in your future...

Content can be extremely valuable. And if you can set about creating your own content in a way that people find helpful, on your own domain, your domain will become valuable. That's a certainty.

In fact, it's individual pages on your domain that will become valuable. Especially if you're able to get your pages holding your audience's attention.

Here's how. And this is the gold...

Don't think traffic - think attracting, and holding your audience's attention...

Sure, but what's that look like?

The way you get your pages to attract, then hold your audience's attention is by...

✨ Having one page answer ^one question (really well) that your audience very often search for.

You want your answer to be the best answer on the internet to that question. Without question.

You want this page and your answer relatable, thorough ^and you want to answer all other nigly questions that come up around that question. The key is to treat the page and your writing like it's a friendly conversation with a friend who is really interested, and/or someone who would be your ideal customer or client.

But how do you do that?

Unlearn how they taught you to write in school...

Yep. Unlearn how they taught you to write in school and embrace writing conversationally - just like you were writing help for a friend or your ideal customer or client.

Then, do this for another question. And another.

Your website wants to become the Wikipedia of [insert your industry or niche].

Part way into this, you'll find individual pages on your website and blog start getting a lot of traffic. And that will motivate you to keep going.

And if you can monetize this attention (see, I said attention then, not traffic), that's when pages on your website can become really valuable to you - and other businesses.

How? Either by generating leads, appointments, commissions, sales, or all of these.

I hope by now you're seeing how buying a domain is an investment in yourself and your future. If you're prepared to do the work and get good at creating and organizing content (and you can) you can get pages on your website to pay you all day and night.

So - buy your own domain and get good at answering questions - conversationally!

3. Domains can become valuable assets

If you're able to build up a collection of unique, great, and helpful content on your domain, your domain will become valuable.

But my competition is so strong...

You may think about your industry/niche and reason that some person or company already has it all sewn up online. And you'd be right.

But - the thing that I didn't account for, and that most people don't account for - is - the internet is hungry! Always hungry for more.

What do I mean by that?

Your future customers and clients, and Google's appetite for content is never satisfied, no matter how comprehensive and awesome a job someone else has done in any niche or industry.

Meaning: the internet is so hungry, and the audiences so vast, that there's always room for your take on things.

Whatever the subject. Whatever the industry. Whatever the niche.

If you do the work well and put your unique spin on things, the internet is so hungry that there is always an audience out there that will discover you, like you, trust you, and buy on your recommendations.

The internet pie is massive, and you only need to take a tiny sliver of a healthy market's pie to help a lot of people and make yourself a solid, reliable income.

The only caveat there being, that you do the work, and be helpful.

The real opportunity exists in the fact that most people don't or won't do the work and stick it out. So - if you do, you will succeed. It's inevitable.

4. Your domain gives you authority

Authority is the currency of the internet, and your domain is where that authority is accumulated.

In SEO it's called Domain Authority (DA). Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score and it's a measure of our domain's relevance for a specific subject area or industry.

Now the idea is not to get obsessed with any numbers or scores here. It's to know that authority and relevance are the king and queen of the internet.

So for us, that means, if we want to plug into the treasury of the internet we need to be able to establish authority and we need to be relevant.

And that starts with buying the Domain. Then attracting your ideal audience.

5. Buying a domain helps you secure your intellectual property

If you have a business name, a brand name, a product name, or a process name that is unique to you and your business, then buying the domains that match that name, business, brand, product, or process is a very good idea.

This is considered to be a solid, practical step in securing your intellectual property.

Once a domain name is snapped up - registered by someone else, it's unavailable to us. That's why if you don't already have these valuable names for your business, brand, product, or process you should buy the domains that match your intellectual property, immediately.

The .com domain name extension is the most important if you're able to get it. Followed by country extensions such as .com.au for Australia, co.uk for the UK etc.

Securing any other extensions is of course up to you. If you want to get cute, you can use different countries' domain extensions to create short versions too.

6. Buy a Domain for your kids - their name, and your name

Many name .com domains have already been registered. And if your name .com is still available, who else better to own it than you?

Same for your kids. You - or they may not have any idea of what they want to do with their future yet. Either way, securing their name .com could open up some great options for them in the future.

7. Buying a domain is dirt cheap compared to buying physical real estate

Buying a domain vs buying a real physical address doesn't compare. We're talking less than 20 bucks a year vs hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. But, if you buy a domain and do a great job of establishing its authority and relevance, it could certainly help you buy a physical address i.e. real estate.

Buying a domain isn't for everyone. And it's only the first step and what is a big journey. Establishing a website and blog, and attracting traffic to it - then monetizing that traffic - takes a great deal of focused and consistent work. Many people give up before seeing any returns.

But that is exactly where your opportunity lies!

For those who are prepared to do the work and be helpful, the rewards are absolutely there.

If you're wondering where the best place to buy a domain πŸ‘ˆ might be, I've covered my top (2) picks in the post I've just linked to.

Thanks for reading. I hope this post has served you, and that you found it motivating!

Please share this post, thank you!

Thanks for being here!

Affiliate disclosure: We may receive an affiliate commission at no cost to you should you purchase via some links here on the deano.it website.

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