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Dean began his digital marketing career in the highly competitive automotive industry in 2001.

Some say he's now "an authority on 'new generation lead generation'".

Others say "Dad spends way too much time on the computer".

Dean agrees and has finally distilled his formula for being 'everywhere' online while simultaneously being at the beach sipping cocktails. ๐Ÿน

Okay, maybe not the cocktails.

"Dean was on to the social media marketing wave very early on and has remained on the crest as an evangelist ever since.

My first professional dealing with Dean was when I recommended him to another friend and professional partner in the photography industry.

At the time of the introduction, my photographer friends' Facebook leads stream had been completely dried up by a sudden and radical change by Facebook in relation to their paid advertising.

Dean not only resurrected this stream, but as well as taking it exponentially beyond its original performance, he also opened similar streams for the business through Twitter, Flickr and a number of other channels.

I couldn't imagine where you would find another offering on par."

Todd Sotheren
Creation Theory

About the founder

Hey it's Dean here. And that's my beautiful wife, Amanda.

She gives me lots of credibility, don't you think?

My mission is to help you, as a founder, cut through the clutter and get clear on where you want your brand heading and why. So you can begin attracting and closing the customers and clients you really want (the ones that are looking for you).

I like to strip things right back to what absolutely delivers results. My proprietary tests and strategies will help you quickly determine exactly what activity, and what changes will ultimately grow your business' reach, reputation and revenue steadily.

Yes, changes. No more insanity.

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We're about helping you turn on traffic, leads and sales.

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We are a full service digital marketing agency. And our copywriting drives sales. ๐Ÿš€

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