Sustainable, Revenue-Focussed SEO

Sustainable SEO is about focusing on both rankings, and lasting revenue.

As an SEO Strategist, long lasting revenue and results are my main focus with the people and companies I work with.

Let’s face it – you want your website and other web properties to attract quality traffic, AND generate leads and sales… well, so do I – in fact I insist upon it.

Increasing your traffic, leads and sales would be my primary focus if we ended up working together.

I like to address digital marketing on-the-whole rather than thrash away at well-known (yet drastically outdated) SEO techniques and tricks.

What About Keywords?

You probably already know that keywords are really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to ranking in the search engines (Google etc.).

Up until Febuary 2011, keywords had a heavily weighted influence on Google and other search engine rankings. And back then in Febuary 2011 Google began rolling out a series major algorithm updates. They were named ‘panda’ and ‘penguin’ and the main idea was to stop people focussing on keywords and turn their focus toward authentic content.

These updates to Google have been a good thing – it’s now no longer possible (or worth) anyone trying to game the system by doing things like creating anonymous keyword-stuffed content and using automated bots to point this spammy content at sites they want to rank. And neither is it worth any of us overly-focussing on keywords.

What these Google updates really did (in tandem with a rapid uptake of social media by ‘everyone’ since the mid 2000’s), is shift the ‘drive’ of the ‘web’ from one of keywords… to authenticity. Which is of-course a good thing.

What works now (and has always worked) is an authentic ‘voice’. Well written, helpful (even educational) content that’s authored by real (verified) people, great images, engaging videos and meaningful calls to action.

With this said keywords still are important, but now, how and where we are use them is even more important.

There are actually over 200 SEO factors to take into account when we are looking to rank a website in the search engines (organically) for particular keywords (searches) which means having a strategy and specific goals is now even more crucial.

But before we go any further, I want you to know what it is we do with our knowledge and experience of SEO and web marketing…

We Focus On Making You More Money

Ranking in Google and getting lots of web traffic are great things to have.

BUT – having rankings and traffic DOESN’T guarantee you revenue or profit.

Strategy does.

You can’t taking rankings or traffic to the bank.

SEO knowledge or even SEO experience and expertise alone won’t hit the mark.

There needs to be a TOTAL strategy in place for CAPITALISING on your search engine rankings – a way to funnel (QUALIFY) your traffic… a way to help people… a way to give them the next piece of the puzzle… adding value, building rapport and good will — then the money flows.

Funneling Profits

With the right SEO Marketing strategy, you’re able to capitalise on every opportunity – being there for each one as they’re ready to take the next step. That’s why we build a traffic funnel.

With a well-directed strategy we can turn rankings and traffic into revenue.


The thing is, Google is constantly updating their algorithms. Which is why we make sure your website is able to withstand the test of time and consistently produce results for you – shielding you from the updates that will hurt others. We do this by deploying a wide range of SEO methodologies that have consistently proven to stand the test of time for both our own, and our client’s websites.

You’re Different

That’s understood. Because no two businesses are the same, I’ll work to get a full understanding of your business before we make any moves at all – which means you’ll be involved at ground level – your input will be an integral part establishing the campaign – you’ll have a full understanding of where things are heading, why and exactly how things are performing – every step of the way.

Are You Ready?

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